BUY  Flower hair clips and pins                                   

Why buy flowers?

These corn husk flower accessories, handmade by women artisans in Honduras, are the symbol of the Share MayFlowers movement. Buying, sharing and wearing these flowers spreads awareness and increases dialogue around vital women’s health issues, including common birth- and pregnancy-related pelvic problems, sexual health and physical effects on women athletes.

BUY #pelvicMafia T-Shirts 


What’s #pelvicMafia?

Born on Twitter, the #PelvicMafia consists of an eclectic international mix of expert and inquisitive clinicians and fitness professionals who are dedicated to dialogue, care and research on behalf of maternal health and pelvic health for females and males throughout the lifespan. They bring a magnanimous sense of cooperation and collaboration, striking intellect, and edgy sense of humor to most everything they do.  They would love for you to be a part.

Organization or company who supports women’s health? Contact founder Jessica McKinney to discuss partnerships, events and/or funding opportunities jessica[@]sharemayflowers[dot]com.


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