Overcoming Patient Fear To Improve Fistula Recovery

Today we are so proud to share with you an important and moving piece by a talented friend, passionate physical therapist colleague and dedicated global women’s health advocate, Loran Hollander, who traveled to the Danja Fistula Center last fall on behalf of Worldwide Fistula Fund’s Rehabilitation Advisory Council with Dr. Cambey Mikush.

Loran had the opportunity to connect with some incredible women–survivors of fistula–while in Niger and you can view a few photos she captured here. And be sure to read about her experience, and theirs, here: OVERCOMING PATIENT FEAR TO IMPROVE FISTULA RECOVERY


About Loran

Loran-Hollander-300x280Loran Hollander is a member of WFF’s Rehabilitation Advisory Council. She is a seasoned Physical Therapist and clinical instructor at Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center in San Francisco and an International Women’s Health Consultant for Women’s ACTION Initiative nonprofit organization. A leader in global women’s health and community-based rehabilitation and education, she spent over seven years in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo as the Rehabilitation Coordinator for HEAL Africa Hospital. For over a decade Loran has served as a consulting physical therapist and community educator for organizations including Black Lion Hospital and Handicap National Action for Children with Disabilities in Ethiopia, in addition to HEAL Africa Hospital. Loran continues to advocate for women in under-resourced communities in developing nations, using her photography to provide a narrative through her images: who they are, what they have courageously endured, and, ultimately, all that they deserve.

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