Your Pelvis After Pregnancy

Raise your hand if at your postpartum checkup your provider mentioned you should probably do some kegels. And that was pretty much the end of the discussion about the altered state of your pelvic region.

The sad thing is, in most cases, that’s the reality. Most women aren’t educated about how they can begin to heal their bodies postpartum to prevent issues months, years or decades down the road. We asked Dustienne Miller of Flourish Physical Therapy and Your Pace Yoga about the importance of strengthening the pelvic floor postpartum. Here’s what she had to say:

Dustienne Miller headshot

“Knowledge is power. Knowing why your body works the way it does and what you can do to help optimize your pelvic health has critical positive effects on your self-esteem and relating to your loved ones.” Find out more about why your postpartum pelvic health matters and what you can do.


Thank you sincerely to Dustienne Miller of for all she does for women’s pelvic health and for supporting Share MayFlowers!

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