Yoga’s Role In Pelvic Health

Pelvic health physical therapists, urogynecologists and the like aren’t the only ones invested in changing perceptions and spreading awareness about female pelvic health. Recognized yoga elder, Liza Keogh is right in the thick of things, and changing lives. We highly recommend her recent blog post “Before you think About Pelvic Strengthening” and the wealth of educational material she provides on her website, and through her classes and retreats. We had a chance to ask Liza a few questions recently and here’s what she had to say.

SMF: Is there a particular article regarding pelvic health that you’d recommend to the Share MayFlowers community?

LK: One piece in particular was written by Tami Kent in 2012, which speaks to the “energy” of the pelvic bowl.

SMF: In your career/life experience, name one really influential pelvic health inspiration. 

LK: As a teenager, my copy of the book, Our Bodies, Ourselves was passed around until it fell apart.

SMF: Why does pelvic health and Share MayFlowers matter to you?

LK: As a yoga teacher, I have seen firsthand what happens when women are separated, disconnected from their pelvic bowls~ whether through trauma, ignorance, injury, or simply lack of awareness. It has become my mission to use the tools of yoga~ the connection and interweaving of body, breath, mind, heart and soul~ to reacquaint women with this vital area of their bodies, to invite them to heal what needs healing, and to bring the potential of this place up into their hearts and minds for a much richer life experience.

SMF: What is one thing you wish the public knew and understood regarding female pelvic health?

LK: I want women everywhere to honor this place in their body, and to know that there is a language for discussing what they are feeling (or missing) in the space between their navel and their knees.

SMF: In your field of pelvic health, what would be a dream come true in the coming years?

For the image and language of female and maternal pelvic awareness and health to become ever clearer and more widely used.


Getting-A-LegUp-217x300HUGE thanks to Liza for her amazing work for women’s health, and for her support of Share MayFlowers! If you’re in the Massachusetts area, join Liza this weekend:

Saturday May 16 and Sunday May 17 WORKSHOPS

Time: 8:00-10:30am (Women only)
These special experiential workshops guide us into exploring our pelvis while we are still, and while we are in motion. We will investigate ways of being in our body that can be carried off the mat and incorporated into our every-day awareness. All participants will receive handouts that describe the practices so they may then continue to explore and utilize them on their own. Movement instructors may find inspiration for their own classes! 
Cost: $35     Please PRE-REGISTER HERE.
Workshops are at: 2 Belmont St., Easton, MA

More About Liza and Her Background:

Liza holds certifications in Hatha, Ashtanga, and Prenatal Yoga; Ayurvedic Massage, Fascial Fitness and Holistic Pelvic Care©. She founded and ran a successful yoga center in Massachusetts, and for over ten years brought yoga to venues that included public parks, corporations and low-income health centers. Liza has also written and developed curriculum for yoga teacher trainings, and is able to certify others to teach at the 200-hour level.

She has extensive experience in leading yoga retreats, often in conjunction with artists and writers and the natural world. She is based in both central Mexico, and Massachusetts. In San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, she has been instructing primarily one-on-one, as well as offering series in Subtle Body Anatomy, Pelvic Awareness, and Slow Flow Yoga. In Massachusetts, she regularly leads retreats and regular classes south of Boston. Liza is also in Lorin Roche’s Tantric Meditation teacher training, based on his 40 years of work with the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra (the ‘Radiance Sutras’).

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