ShareMayFlowers 2014

“So are you doing Share MayFlowers, again this year?” asks our long-time nanny, at this point also a friend, honorary family member, and true lover of our children.

“You, bet,” I answer.


Although it is not a movement that has hit its critical mass (yet….), it is one to which I remain committed and faithful. And when I have felt tired and vulnerable and stretched to the thinnest of thin, wondering if I should retire the flower, in steps a friend, a patient, a colleague, or family member encouraging Share MayFlowers—and me—to push onward.

A friend….who is volunteering to write and sow these MayFlower seeds in her adopted state of Georgia.

A patient…who is willing to share her story with all of our readers this year.

A colleague (& a friend of a colleague!)…who believes in the cause enough to write and share an impressive blog of her own for this cause, (PLEASE check it out! Thanks, Tracy!)

A family member…my 7-year-old daughter, who asked to take a flower to her teacher and to her reading buddy. She thinks the flowers are beautiful, knows I think they are special, and for her that is enough.

The metaphor of the flower serves well. With tending and the passing of seasons, a garden—and the flowers it contains—matures and reveals increasing beauty, depth and complexity over time. May this campaign do the same for women’s health. Maybe the biggest victory achieved with Share MayFlowers thus far, is that—as evidenced by the support of so many who believe in this cause—it is not my campaign. Since launching May 1, 2012, it has become our campaign. For that, I thank you, and I proudly wear my MayFlower.

Do you have yours?

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