We Can’t Stop. We Won’t Stop.

Today, a well-respected media outlet–the Wallstreet Journal–helped advance women’s health. It did.


You see, there’s a mass of information swarming around new moms and moms to-be. Everyone’s talking about pregnancy, birthing techniques and breastfeeding. Strollers, carseats and cribs. Postpartum depression, baby care and returning to work. But there’s a critical piece missing.

By choosing to go ahead and run a piece called “Bigger Postpartum Challenges Than Just Baby Weight,” the Wallstreet Journal gave a mainstream nod to the fact that there are significant physical effects as a result of pregnancy and giving birth. Some of which get in the way of a good sex life–or any sex life, for that matter. Some of which are intensely painful, embarrassing or debilitating. So I thank them for running that and for allowing me to be a part of the piece. Because I’ve looked into the eyes of far too many women who are left blindsided when they learn their condition could have been easily treated–and often even prevented–if they received care postpartum. So check out the full article here, the pregnancy exercises slide show WSJ also published, and please pass along to every mother–no matter her age–and expecting mom you know. 

And. To the commenter who in response to the piece, wrote:

“What a crock!…Our mothers and grandmothers never complained about how having children affected their lives. In the 3rd world the women have it much tougher and yet aren’t complaining.”

I agree. No, they didn’t complain. They still don’t. But that’s the point. They deserve a system that educates and facilitates them through pregnancy and postpartum care–including their pelvic health. Seeing woman after woman after woman–mothers and grandmothers!–through treatment that restores their quality of life is proof that they want and very much need that. And yes, women in developing countries are faced with significantly more extreme challenges. But we all deserve the best maternal health possible. Don’t we, Jon? And I, for one, won’t stop until we’re there.

2 thoughts on “We Can’t Stop. We Won’t Stop.

  1. Mums always have it tough.. especially with pregnancy and post-pregnancy, in addition to the other roles we have to play, including working mum. I’m expecting my first one anytime now. Press on too, ok? 🙂

  2. Excellent blog and Wall Street Journal article. I wish this therapy had been well known and available when I had my kids in 1992 and 1995. My life would have been much happier without chronic pelvic pain while I was raising my kids.

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