How to Get Your Sex Groove Back Postpartum

It’s pretty clear to anyone familiar with Share MayFlowers that we think new moms are an “at-risk” group when it comes to their pelvic health.  Lots is changing in their bodies, in their relationships, in their environment, and they are often left without the resources to negotiate all of these changes.  I addressed this today over at Isis Parenting’s blog in a post called “Let’s Talk About Trucks and Sex.” And tomorrow night I’ll be weighing in on a webinar hosted by Isis Parenting on postpartum sexual health, which will prove an excellent opportunity for moms connect with myself and my Isis gal pals, Chris and Nancy concerning precisely these types of issues and questions! If you’re a pelvic health provider, this is likely familiar info to you. But you also know as well as I do that it isn’t familiar across the board, so I very much appreciate your help passing along the info!  Registration can be completed in advance and the webinar will be archived and available to all registrants after the original airing.

Register Here

Get the Groove Back: Postpartum Sexual Health Webinar, Tuesday October 8, 8pm est 


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