Gotta go? Another Important Pelvic Health Issue


Do you ever “gotta go?”  If not, you probably at least have at least a vague idea of what I’m talking about – a common cluster of bladder symptoms characterized by sudden urges to go to the bathroom that may be accompanied by urine leakage and frequent trips to the bathroom (more than every 2 1/2-3 hours and more than once at night).  The terms urinary urgency, frequency and urge incontinence, as well as over active bladder (OAB) can all be useful and accurate descriptors of this collective of bladder symptoms.

The following two videos are excellent insights to OAB, et al. The first is by Sarah Haag, PT of Entropy Physiotherapy and is a fantastically simple explanation of a complex phenomenon:

The second is by pelvic and yoga physical therapist, Dustienne Miller, of Your Pace Yoga. I love her description of the importance of calming the system when such inappropriate urges hit.

Thanks to both of them for their great work in pelvic health!!


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