sex…deserves lots of posts.  Sexual health is exactly that…an important aspect of overall health.  We need to understand it and be able to talk about it just like we talk about nutrition and allergies, heart health and breast health.  One tweet I made from ACOG’s Annual Clinical Meeting this week is a prime example – never have I posted something that had as many re-tweets and prompted as much dialogue and interaction.  When attending the lecture, “Female Sexuality and Psychological Well-Being,” I tweeted the following from one of the slides:

“14% of women spontaneously report sexual dysfunction; reporting increases to 55% when they are directly asked. #ACM13”

There has been some dialogue over the difference between a “sexual complaint” and “sexual dysfunction”, the latter of which has clinical definitions and diagnostic criteria, thus arguably could inherently not be self-reported as it relies upon the expertise of a clinician to arrive at the “dysfunction” diagnosis.  I’ll revisit this after I get my hands on the article referenced for that stat, but in the meantime, no one is debating the take home message of those percentages:  It is important for healthcare providers to be comfortable talking and asking about sexual health and to be the ones initiating those conversations.

To help ALL of us – patients, providers, the entire public – move toward more comfort and appropriate dialogue, I recommend each of the following pieces on aspects of sexual health:

Click the link below to read a blog post by Dr. Jen Gunter, OB/GYN. She gives her professional opinion on why sex should never be painful and lets readers know there is always something you can do about it!


A brief discussion of sexual function and dysfunction from Share MayFlowers 2012 http://www.sharemayflowers.org/Sexual_Health_Sexual_Dysfunction.htm

The personal stories of two women who experienced and sought care for sexual health problems

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