Here We Go.

Share Mayflowers 2013.  Hard to believe that another year has passed and I, along with a cadre of committed others, are in the throes of another month-long pelvic health info blitz.  There will be late nights, tweets and retweets, early mornings, links and lots of pelvic love.  There will be friendships strengthened, lessons learned, delicate issues illuminated, and a whole lot flowers.


Share MayFlowers, while influenced by many experts in women’s health and women’s rights, is not attempting to be ‘the’ expert site for all things pelvis, but rather to be among the many expert voices across a range of related issues.  We want to challenge the pervasive apathy and ignorance that is commonplace with respect to things seen and unseen in the realm of female pelvic and maternal health.  Our culture ‘sees’ pregnancy, but sees no need to guide the woman through the process in a way that protects more than the life of her and her baby.  The protection and restoration of her physical function is not prioritized.  Virtually unseen is the growing number of women with pelvic organ prolapse, a condition on the rise and affecting hundreds of thousands of women.  We ‘see’ our young girls demonstrating impressive athleticism, but don’t see the high prevalence of urinary incontinence they experience as a matter worth addressing.  We are only beginning to ‘see’ the plight of women and girls in the developing world and act on behalf of ‘those poor women’ to promote education and social equality, factors favorably tied to pelvic and maternal health.  Yet we do not see at all how ‘those poor women’ just as easily applies to us.  We live in the richest, most developed healthcare system in the world, and yet we have females of all ages living with incontinence and pelvic pain, unsure of why it has occurred and unsure of their options, often feeling alone and ashamed.  We know enough to know that none of this should be the case.

My colleague and friend, Julie Wiebe, a California-based physical therapist said, “The pelvic floor needs better PR.”  I can’t improve upon that statement, but am doing everything I can to satisfy the need.  Share MayFlowers is part of the pursuit of better PR – it is an effort to emphasize the awareness, education and dialogue that has been lacking in the broad but interconnected continuum of female pelvic and obstetric health.  We are an aggregator and a megaphone.  With female pelvic and obstetric health as our proverbial North Star, you will see breadth in the posts, as well as in those contributing posts this year, and in our reporting of previous content that we believe in enough to keep sharing.

“I believe that we can make the MayFlower the pink ribbon-equivalent for pelvic and maternal health.  I believe that there is cause for this and that by doing so, women and girls will be empowered in their own health and rights.  And that, my friends, will make the world a better place.“ Jessica McKinney, Share MayFlowers founder (April 30, 2013).

Photo by amazing Sandy Poirier Photography

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