What is Ts for Vs?
An ambitious bid (by an impassioned & frustrated pelvic/women’s health physical therapist) to ratchet up the visibility of sensitive pelvic health concerns internationally and to fund the projects supporting those concerns. Because believe it or not, it is ironically not sexy to fund humanitarian organizations addressing sexual health (and pelvic pain, and poo, and pee…).  Buying from Ts for Vs gets these necessary conversations going and merchandise for purchase including the #PelvicMafia t-shirt is coming soon.
Proceeds from Ts for Vs supports The Women’s Action Initiative’s Share MayFlowers campaign and projects in obstetric fistula rehabilitation. Photos by Sandy Poirier Photography

4 thoughts on “#PelvicMafia

  1. I need this shirt! I teach pelvic floor fitness and I always tell my ladies I need a t-shirt that says Vagina Warrior. haha! This is even better 🙂

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