Now This is Something to be Thankful for

National Health Blog Post Month Day 22 – Thursday, Nov. 22 Thanks Post. Write about what you’re thankful for! 

Today I am thankful for the amazing teams of dedicated people I’ve been privileged to work with toward a common, very positive goal in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Since 2009 I’ve spent time alongside very special individuals and in partnership with organizations like HEAL Africa to help change women’s lives–treating and rehabilitating women suffering from obstetric fistula. What it has taught and given me can not quite be put into words. But I know that I am thankful, very thankful to and for everyone who has been involved along the way. We’re dedicated to keeping at it, but the service HEAL Africa is providing right now to the people of Northern Democratic Republic of Congo deserves such praise. In what has been a tense and volatile political and humanitarian situation for years, recent escalation of the conflict is putting many lives in jeopardy.  A rebel militia has seized control of the city of Goma and HEAL Africa has an urgent need for medical supplies and transportation services to continue to provide life-saving care.

HEAL is working with area organizations on relief and rescue but need more help. Learn about the current crisis in Goma and give to HEAL Africa, a team continuing to provide care to all those affected by the rising conflict.  

We are thinking of our friends there and again, thankful for all they have done and are doing in such uncertain, tense times.

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