A Humanitarian at Heart, Head and Hands

National Health Blog Post Month Day 15 – Thursday, Nov. 15  Nominate someone for a Health Activist Award bit.ly/haawards12 & write a post about why you nominated them!

Today I nominated Loran Hollander a Health Activist Hero. Why? She has spent the last decade working tirelessly for women’s health both here in the US and in developing nations. She’s an experienced physical therapist who has spent years living abroad helping rehabilitate people who are truly struggling, including women suffering from obstetric fistula in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She has served as a consulting physical therapist to hospitals very much in need from DR Congo to Ethiopia. And through it all she has so beautifully photographed those that she listens to, those she does it all for:

Photo by Loran Hollander
Photo by Loran Hollander
Photo by Loran Hollander

We are very lucky to have her on our team and have her accompanying us on the Women’s ACTION Initiative trip back to DR Congo in February to conduct more much needed fistula rehabilitation and care provider training. Thank you Loran for all you do!

One thought on “A Humanitarian at Heart, Head and Hands

  1. Thank you Jessica. You are so kind and I appreciate your words of kindness. I feel so honored to being working with you and Laura and look forward to seeing how this journey takes shape. Really, I believe our paths crossed for a reason. Your energy, passion and vision inspire me…thank you for all you do as well!!!! xo, Loran

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