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National Health Blog Post Month Day 13 – Tuesday, Nov. 13 Book report. What’s your favorite book and how can you tie it to your health or life? 

Have a few things in life that you feel can never be recommended highly enough?  The book, Half the Sky, comes in at the top of that list for me. If you haven’t read it yet, don’t wait any longer.  Published in 2009, and written by Pulitzer Prize winning journalists (and spouses) Sheryl WuDunn and Nicholas Kristof, it is a poignant and prolific manifesto on the issues of gender-based violence, sex-trafficking and maternal mortality in the developing world.

While the devastating reality in these circumstances can initially be off-putting and hard to digest for some unfamiliar with the issues, don’t give up on it and miss the greater story of women rising above their situations.  I’m not talking about “passing through the fire without getting burned.” I’m talking passing through the fire, getting burned beyond recognition, and yet managing a recovery that makes you even more “recognizable,” more oneself, than before the fire even started.

I have done nothing to deserve or achieve my life in the U.S – profoundly more secure, safe, and full of promise than for the women we meet in Half the Sky. I can only hope that were this not the case, if our Land of Milk and Honey were actually among the world’s poorest and most ravaged, that someone in the rich, safe nations would be willing to stand up for me.  Watch the recently released Half the Sky documentary. Become part of the movement. And read the book.

Thanks to We Go Health for putting down the challenge of 30 Days, 30 Posts for National Health Blog Post month!

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