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National Health Blog Post Month Day 12 – Monday, Nov. 12 Call BS on something. What’s something that is just ridiculous?

Back in August I called BS as soon as I discovered the Panty-O. But to get the full effect I eagerly ordered one. And WORE it. The verdict? Panty-O’s BS status stands. I will regale you on my whirlwind experience in Vegas with it soon (just subscribe in upper right corner and it’ll land in your inbox!) but for today, let me just highlight the reasons why the Panty-O is, indeed, just ridiculous.

  1. The premise of the Panty-O is based upon a limited and inaccurate understanding of the function of the pelvic floor and how to address its training. The pelvic floor does not exist in our bodies in isolation and hence cannot be best trained in this capacity either.
  2. As far as I can tell, there is no one with a clinical background involved in the development of the Panty-O.  It is such lack of clinical expertise in product development that leads to well-intentioned, but poorly designed products making it to market and becoming the latest fascination of an all-too-ready-to-buy-anything public.

In closing, if I were to design a panty it would not contain a silicone “Exercise Extension” for vaginas. It would make the wearer feel beautiful, feminine and strong. And it just might have a pretty blue flower on it. The pelvic strength part would be up to clinicians and women themselves–to communicate with women about the need to prioritize pelvic health for a whole host of reasons.

Thanks to We Go Health for putting down the challenge of 30 Days, 30 Posts for National Health Blog Post month!

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