All for ONE Cause

National Health Blog Post Month Day 8 – Thursday, Nov. 8 “Write about how you choose to write about others in your blog. (Friends, family, etc)”

Female pelvic and obstetric/perinatal health issues are the proverbial North Star guiding my blogging ship.  This means that any issue, topic, person, experience, or cause tied to my North Star may feature in my blogging (speaking, presentations, etc) at any time. Yes, my kids are cute and funny; yes, I love my mom and dad; and yes, I am actively involved in clinical care (leading to tons of relationships with patients, coworkers and colleagues).  But you will not find gratuitous mentions of any of these.

If anyone reads my blogs at all (!), they aren’t doing so to learn about my reaction to the impatient woman at the grocery checkout line or my fashion choices (although I did have just cause to write about panty choice!). It is because the Share MayFlowers blog is a place where the conversation is dedicated to one cause – one really big, broad, pervasive and complex cause – and I choose to share about people and interactions with people that are germain to the cause.  Among other things, this includes conversations with the amazing women who trust me in their healthcare, the colleagues that share this responsibility with me, and how my experiences as a woman, as a mother are colored by my knowledge and activism.

Thanks to We Go Health for putting down the challenge of 30 in 30 for National Health Blog Post month!


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