What Does it Take?

Problem: A nine months postpartum colleague of mine—a non-clinician—recently admitted to me that despite working very closely with the content on Share MayFlowers.org and WomensAction.org, she’s not sure her pelvic floor is in the condition it “should be.”

Why’s this a problem? Because! She has the information. She has the tools and resources. She knows and understands full well the benefits of rehabilitating the body after pregnancy and childbirth. And furthermore, she has read and heard the striking testimonials of women who have suffered with pelvic floor disorders and how their lives changed for the better as a result of physical therapy.

So really, WHAT DOES IT TAKE to get the message out, change the dialogue between women and health care providers and get women to prioritize their pelvic health because it will help them, their sex lives, their bodies?! If a woman who knows and has all she needs to do something about that incontinence or painful sex, why doesn’t she? 

In this woman’s case, it’s time. She “doesn’t have time.” Nope, she’s not the first to use that line. But she means it. She doesn’t have time! And most women don’t. Amidst careers, children, spouses, traffic, sleep, you name it there’s just not that much extra time for “fringe” appointments or consultations concerning matters you can simply put up with. So as part of the conversation reframing we’re doing with Share MayFlowers, a big part of this needs to focus on giving women the right to prioritize themselves. I’m not talking just pelvic health here—although that matters. But there’s an overwhelming feeling among mothers especially that all of those little secret wishes she may keep to herself—a free hour alone to get a pedicure, a massage, nap or mall trip—are stuff of luxury. But this is our lives, we’re talking about. We need to prioritize ourselves and our bodies, not just so that we can give our best to the people and projects we love, but also so we can feel happy, thriving and fulfilled as many of the 365 days as possible.

So what to do about that colleague? Oh, she’ll make that change! And you, check out Share MayFlowers.org for more information and subscribe to our blog to get my Pelvic Health Cheat Sheet in just few days!

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