Why Your Body DESERVES a Little Postpartum Tune-up

Let me reiterate a statement made in my last post (because as women who tend not to put themselves or their bodies first, reiteration upon reiteration is warranted!): the combined experience of pregnancy and childbirth is a monumentally physical task. Just consider the women you know – maybe even you – who say that after having a baby many things with your body feel different or just not quite right. Think you don’t know any women who have something to say in this regard?  Just ask…you may be surprised.

For as many diapers as a newborn plows through in a week, there are easily as many reasons why that precious little one’s mom may be physically not feeling like her pre-baby self.  And even if mom is getting a full night’s sleep and has exercised enough to lose the “baby weight,” her body is not guaranteed to magically go back to normal.  Getting her to the best version of normal may require a dose of postpartum maintenance.

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