Share MayFlowers Campaign Encourages Dialogue on Common yet Taboo Topics Affecting Women’s Health

Women’s Action Initiative, supported by Marathon Physical Therapy,  has launched Share MayFlowers, a public health and awareness campaign focused on women’s health issues that fall largely off the radar in the United States—common, yet treatable conditions such as pregnancy or childbirth-related pain or injury, and bladder and bowel problems. The campaign runs throughout May coinciding with Mother’s Day and National Women’s Health Week.

“In our Women’s Health clinical practice it is exceedingly common for women to describe great difficulty faced in seeking a proper diagnosis, the proper care, and validation that their problem was in fact a problem, and without fail they consistently say, ‘Why isn’t anyone talking about this?’ ‘Why don’t more doctors know?’ ‘I was told it was just normal after childbirth!’ ‘Every woman needs to know this information!’ says Jessica McKinney, PT, MS, Marathon Physical Therapy Women’s Health Director and founder of the Share MayFlowers campaign.

Inspired to do more than educate women one-by-one, Share MayFlowers is asking women (and willing men!) to wear a flower – or anything floral – every day in the month of May as a show of support for open, frank and national dialogue on the topics of female pelvic and perinatal health. The campaign will maintain an active website and social media presence to educate and engage on target topics, with specific emphasis on different themes each week and publishing of new content daily. By also highlighting relevant national women’s health organizations throughout the month, Share MayFlowers aims to foster solidarity around this unmet public health education need.

Share MayFlowers has partnered with Original Women (, a company promoting the artistry of women around the world, to sell vibrantly colored flower pins and barrettes made of cornhusks. All proceeds will go toward the Share Mayflowers awareness campaign and donations to related women’s health causes.

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